AI-powered voice to text
requires macOS 12+
Type speed
avg keyboard 50wpm
avg speaker 150wpm
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Go remote
Runs completely offline.
No WiFi needed.
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Privacy 1
Runs completely offline. Data never leaves your device.
Same language or translate
to any other language
Demo video

“I have replaced typing emails with dictating them using a client-side hosted version of Whisper.

The app I'm using is called @superwhisperapp. It runs natively on macOS and integrates with the system clipboard.

I highly recommend it.”

Alex profile picture company logo
Reflect Notes

“s/o to @superwhisperapp👏. easily best $7 I've spent this week

been using Whisper on my iPhone, but needed the same for Mac (sorry, Apple, the dictation model isn't quite there...)

I freed up so much mental bandwidth...”

Cristian profile picture

“superwhisper is a great way to "just talk" to your mac, it's way better than typing, and makes talking to chatGPT and other AIs super fun and easy.

Forget typing, just talk”

Altryne profile picture

Whisper is the most underrated AI release of the year.

@superwhisperapp let's you perfectly transcribe your voice in any application.

100% recommend..”

Sam profile picture

“As a chiropractor, much of my day is spent writing reports. superwhisper has been amazing at helping me speed up that process. I love that the data never leaves my computer, so I know my data is safe.”

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Fernando's youtube review of superwhisper
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  • Basic features
  • Base & Small AI models
  • English language only
  • Custom prompt controls
Includes everything in Free plan
  • Access to all new features
  • 24 hour support
  • Fast, Pro and Ultra AI models
  • Support for 100+ languages
  • Literal punctuation control
Pro plans
$ 6 49
per month
$ 64 95
per year
$ 165 00
one time
30 day no-questions-asked refunds are available on all plans.
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